• Launch Postino
  • Splash Screen
  • Welcome to Postino
  • Select a photo
  • Place and Zoom
  • Your Frames
  • Photo with frame
  • Message
  • Signature
  • Recipients
  • Show Preview
  • Preview
  • Flip Postcard
  • Confirm
  • Sending..
  • Postcard sent!
  • Share on Facebook

Postino APP is Free - Create and send a real postcard with your iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone or Facebook Application.

Postino APP - Create and send a real postcard with your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone, Facebook Application and Web App.

Postino APP is an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Facebook Free App. With Postino you can create and send a real postcard to your family or friends.

Postino APP print your postcards on super high-quality paper and send them worldwide.

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Take out your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, launch Postino, create a real postcard with yourself in the photo and send it to your friends and family!
We don't just mean send an "e-card" (although Postino can do that too).
We mean send a real, physical postcard!
That's right, we print your postcards on super high-quality paper, and send them worldwide (4/5 business days for USA/Europe and 10/15 for the rest of the World).

How cool is that?!
  • Snap a photo or pick one from the library (or Facebook)
  • Photo can be zoomed and positioned accurately
  • You can download only the frames that you like
  • Draw a message, signature or picture with your finger
  • Optionally include your GPS location in the postcard
  • Physical postcards are printed on super high-quality paper
  • Easily check the delivery status of your postcards

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